China Brush – 3.7ml


Prolongs the duration of erection

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China Brush is an anesthetic solution that prolongs the duration of erection

China Brush is specially designed to delay ejaculation and lengthen the duration of intercourse. It is a lotion to prevent ejaculation too quickly that has been around for hundreds of years, resulting in long lasting firm erections to give maximum pleasure to both partners.

Made from a unique combination of natural ingredients, Seifen's Kwang Tze solution is a rich topical blend of botanicals combined to create a powerful remedy. This product comes in an engraved bottle with a cap with a small brush applicator for ease of use. Manufactured exclusively by Seifen's Medicine Company.

Product benefits:

  • Prolongs erections
  • Maximizes stamina
  • Delays ejaculations
  • Very easy to use
  • Natural

This 3.7 ml bottle will give you use for approximately one month, depending on the frequency of your relationships.

China Brush is an effective treatment for premature ejaculation, resulting in a harder and longer lasting erection to give maximum pleasure to both parties.

You will definitely experience a dramatic improvement in your sex life.

The level of effects will not diminish with continued use!

Use: Simply apply a thin layer to the node and the head of the penis 15 to 45 minutes before intercourse.

Ingredients: Aloe wood, bezoar powder, clove, Korean ginseng, cinnamon, distilled water.