Why buy from Nutrivea?

Because distance selling is a professional job that deserves seriousness and quality for the greatest satisfaction of our customers, here are the reasons to buy your anti-aging food supplements at Nutrivea:

10 good reasons to buy from Nutrivea:

  1. Product Availability
    All the products displayed are available in stock or supply within 48 to 72 hours from our suppliers.
    We are able to ship them to you within 24 hours of your order or upon receipt from the manufacturer. You receive them by parcel post anywhere in the world from the United States, with tracking.
  2. Professional shipping
    We take care of the packaging of the products and the preparation of the orders. Bubble wrap, air socks, wedging particles, everything is done to ensure that your purchases reach you in perfect condition. Finally, we use neutral boxes to guarantee the confidentiality of our shipments and the discretion of their reception.
  3. Secure payment
    All bank transactions are insured and an anti-fraud system allows us to detect upstream fraudulent use of a bank card. Our electronic payment partners are world leaders in electronic transactions. We offer different means of payment such as credit cards, PayPal, Western Union transfer, postal money order, for the greatest satisfaction of our customers.
  4. Quality commitment
    Each of our customers can evaluate their shopping experience and their confidence in our site. We are therefore forced to constantly improve ourselves if we want to maintain a good reputation. Beyond this commitment, we want to offer you the best quality that an e-commerce site can offer. It is in this spirit that we make every effort to ensure that your satisfaction is as great as possible.
  5. Sharp product selection
    All our products must meet high standards:
    • Impeccable product quality
    • Rave reviews from consumers
    • Price in line with product quality
    • Originality and evocation of pleasure or well-beingWe must offer you the best today and surprise you tomorrow with our selection.
  6. Confidentiality and protection of your personal data
    We undertake not to communicate any information concerning you to third parties except to our partners involved in payment transactions and parcel transport. Thus, no unwanted solicitation can come from your purchases on the Nutrivea.com site other than our communications by e-mail concerning your purchases.
  7. A real customer service to answer all your questions
    A real customer service is at your disposal to assist you in your purchases, advise you in the choice of products and generally answer all your questions. No outsourced call center. Our customers can reach us every day by e-mail.
  8. News
    We try according to trends, seasons and requests from our customers to constantly renew our offers in order to always offer you the best we can find on the market.
  9. Finding a product for you
    We can perform a product search for you upon your request. We will then tell you the price, availability and features of our finds as soon as possible.
  10. If you think we should engage more...
    Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions by sending us an e-mail.