Serum C – 30ml


Cutaneous antioxidant


Serum C – Antioxidant protection for the skin

Serum C is a highly concentrated antioxidant therapy for facial skin. Designed to promote a youthful, radiant appearance, Serum C works to combat the physical signs of aging. Serum C is your skin's best defense against the damaging effects of today's environment.

Serum C not only contains vitamin C (10% ascorbic acid), but also Maxogenol (grape seed, grape skin and green tea extracts), which makes it one of the most effective plant antioxidant complexes. It restores the firmness and elasticity of skin cells and makes it smoother.

Also, several studies have shown that topical applications of vitamin C can decrease harmful effects of sun exposure and UVB radiation. Since vitamin C applied to the skin does not absorb UVB/UVA rays, it is not sun protection; but it exerts its effects by neutralizing oxygen free radicals. Serum C can be used under sun protection before going out in the sun to boost the skin's resistance to UV damage.

Designed to promote a younger, more radiant look to your face, Serum C works by fighting the physical signs of aging. Vitamin C (10% of Ascorbic Acid) in combination with Maxogenol makes our Serum C plant-based antioxidant complex your skin's best defense against the daily harmful effects we are all exposed to. Gives a golden and satiny finish to the skin.

Works best if used in conjunction with anti-wrinkle moisturizer Relastyl.

Use: Serum C should be applied twice a day for normal skin, and once a day for dry or sensitive skin. Always cleanse face and hands before application. Apply to face, neck and chest. Once Serum C is absorbed, application of moisturizer is essential. Relastyl anti-wrinkle moisturizing cream has been designed to work in synergy with Serum C for optimum results.

Although Serum C can be used around the eyes, never apply near the eyelashes, corners of the eye or on the eyelids. Any part of the body that has been exposed to the sun and shows signs of premature aging would benefit from the active substances of Serum C.

Active ingredients: L-ascorbic acid, Maxogenol (antioxidant plant complex of grape seed, grape skin and green tea extracts).

Other Ingredients: Ethoxydiglycol, butylene glycol, L-tyrosine, fruit acid and citric acid complex, phenoxyethanol, purified water, methylparaben.